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2023 Desk Calendar

New Item for 2023!


This spiral-bound 2023 desk calendar is self standing. Shipped flat, it quickly unfolds to sit securely wherever your place it. We use ours in the office.

Each of the 12 different monthly photos was taken on our property in Homer, Alaska. Ted uses a camera trap setup to remotely capture images of visiting birds and wildlife at their level. “Up close and personal” is his approach. For every thousand images captured by the system, perhaps only one qualifies as a keeper. But that’s half the fun — you never know who might have visited, or whether they were feeling photogenic that day, until you start reviewing the images.

You can read more about Ted’s venture into camera trap photography in his Shop News article on camera trap photography.

Calendar measures 4-1/2″ tall by 8-1/4″ wide.

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