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"Above Average" Cherry Bowl




This lovely bowl is turned from a solid piece of cherry.  It has a scalloped edge and a wall thickness of slightly less than 1/2 inch.

What’s with the name?  Ted was getting ready for a show and had about a dozen bowls that needed descriptive names.  By the time he got to this bowl, he was “named out” so decided, in his humble way, to designate it as an above average cherry bowl.  Far from above average, the bowl has a classic shape, gorgeous figuring and grain in the wood, and a low-gloss finish that will fit into any décor.

Cherry darkens with age, taking on a rich hue that only time can produce.  It is one of Ted’s favorite woods.

The bowl was finished with durable gloss polyurethane, which is food-safe after it has been applied and dried.  It would be perfect for fruit or popcorn and would make a lovely salad bowl, too.  Be sure not to scratch the bottom of the bowl with sharp implements or serving utensils.

Dimensions:  4-3/4″ tall; 11″ diameter at widest point; 3-3/4″ wide at base.

Use and Care Instructions:  Do not immerse the bowl in water or put it in the dishwasher.  Hand wash and dry it, using a soft cloth.




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