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Alaska Moose Antler Click Pen #2


This Artisan Aero click pen is turned from Alaska moose antler.  Moose antler exhibits a wide range of color hues, from deep tan to gray to ivory.  On this particular pen, the moose antler has an ivory color base with a faint gold hue throughout.

My wife and I really like these Artisan Aero click pens.  They are well-balanced and weighted so as to rest comfortably in one’s hand.   Smaller than some of the Big Ben or cigar-type pens, these Aeros have a premium “clicker” mechanism that will stand up to years of use.  The classic design and subtle accent details make this pen a nice gift choice for someone special (or for yourself).

The pen, with beautiful 10k gold and chrome plating and a decorative accent band, comes in a gray felt presentation box.   The antler is coated with a durable polyurethane finish and will provide many years of useful service.

This pen uses a quality Parker-style refill.  To replace the refill, unscrew the pen nib (the writing tip) and remove the refill and spring.  Replace the refill and spring, then re-attach the pen nib.



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