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Ambrosia Maple Platter


This circular platter was turned from a single piece of Ambrosia maple and has a beaded rim.  It is finished with multiple coats of food-safe Odie’s Oil, a solvent-free and non-toxic wood finish.

Ambrosia maple is a term that is used to describe maple that has been attacked by ambrosia beetles.   As the beetles bore through the wood (usually a soft maple, such as red maple), they create tiny tunnels that act as channels for a fungus that produces streaking and color patches.  Not to worry – both the fungus and the beetles are destroyed during the process of drying the wood, leaving behind a completely natural enhancement with no loss of structural integrity.

Dimensions:  13″ in diameter.  Platter is 1-3/4″ tall.  The beaded rim is 1-1/4″ wide.

Use and Care Instructions:  Do not put the platter in the dishwasher nor let it soak in the sink.  Hand wash and wipe completely dry with a soft towel.

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