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American Chestnut Wine Bottle Stopper


This bottle stopper is made from American Chestnut (Castanea dentata).  This tree species is now virtually extinct, as the vast expanses of old-growth chestnut forest were destroyed by a destructive blight over a century ago.

Most of the available wood used by craftsmen is salvaged from old barns and cabins in the eastern U.S. from Maine to Mississippi.

The natural color of the wood is preserved with 8 to 12 coats of a durable, hand-rubbed polyurethane finish.

Each of my chestnut stoppers is crafted one at a time, without a pattern.  No two stoppers are alike.

The silicone stopper base, which provides a very secure and tight fit, can be replaced if ever needed.

Use and Care Instructions:  Hand wash and dry with a soft cloth.  Do not put the stopper in the dishwasher or allow it to soak in a sink.

Gift Idea:  Check out the reusable fabric gift bags that are the perfect size for a bottle of wine.  Pair them with a bottle stopper for a special occasion or as a gift to your host/hostess.


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