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Ancient Kauri Ornament


Woods Used:
Ancient Kauri, Ebony, and Cherry
6-1/2″ overall; diameter 2-1/4″; cherry icicle finial length 3-1/8″

This one-of-a-kind wooden ornament is turned from ancient Kauri wood, one of the most exotic woods in the world.  The top sphere has been hollowed out to reduce the weight of the ornament (for which your Christmas tree will thank you).

Kauri wood comes from prehistoric kauri trees (Agathis australis) from the North Island of New Zealand.   Some 30,000 to 50,000 years ago, during the last Ice Age, kauri trees became buried beneath a swamp of peat.  The environment of the “peat burial” was perfect for preservation of the timber, which is excavated from underground at considerable expense and effort involving heavy machinery and difficult working conditions.

The bottom icicle finial is turned from cherry.  The top cap and the icicle base are turned from ebony, a very hard and dense wood native to Southeast Asia.  The ornament is finished with multiple coats of a protective spray clear enamel.

The ornament will be shipped to you by USPS, Priority Mail, and insured.  The ornament will be double boxed, packed in its own storage box inside the shipping box.

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