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Artist Sketch Pencil with Set of Color Leads #1


This artist sketch pencil is turned from an acrylic blank.    It is perfect for sketching, drafting, marking lumber, or writing.  It is also a useful item in the studio, garage, greenhouse, potting shed, on the boat or in the RV — anywhere a sturdy pencil with a heavy-duty lead might come in handy.

Push the top button to expose and advance the heavy 5.6 mm lead.  Unscrew the top to access a built-in lead sharpener.

The pencil is packaged in a plastic storage pouch and comes with a 5.6″ black lead and a set of leads in red, green, yellow, blue, and brown.  To swap leads, press and hold the top button, pull out the lead from the tip of the pencil, and insert a new lead.

You can purchase extra leads, either in a set of 5 colors or in a two-pack of black leads, from Ted’s Woodshop.  We sell them at cost.  Just contact us if you can’t find 5.6 mm leads locally.

Important Note About Shipping: Each item added to your cart adds an additional shipping fee, but we will refund the excess amount at the time we package up your order and determine what the exact shipping cost will be.  If you have questions about this, please get in touch with us, either through the contact form or by phone at 907-299-8359. We’ll be happy to work with you.





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