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Bethlehem Olivewood Click Pen




This chrome and black titanium Aero click pen is turned from authentic Bethlehem Olivewood from the Holy Land.  It uses a Parker-style refill and comes with an attractive presentation box.   The pen also comes with a certificate of authenticity documenting the origin of the olivewood.

The olivewood tree is a subtropical, broad-leafed evergreen tree that can live for hundreds of years.  At around the age of 200 years, the tree’s trunk disappears.  Shoots develop at the base of the trunk and eventually grow into a  new tree.  Thus, the olivewood tree is known as “the immortal tree.”

Many of the olivewood trees are over 300 years old, and some have been growing since the time of Christ.  The people of the Holy Land protect these trees, refusing to ever cut them down.   In October, the trees are pruned and the wood is made available to craftsmen.  No trees were damaged or destroyed in the process of harvesting the olivewood used in this pen.

Use and Care Instructions:  Coated with multiple coats of a durable polyurethane finish, it will provide many years of useful service.  To replace the Parker-style refill, unscrew the nib (the tip of the pen).






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