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Alaska Spruce Burl Bowl

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3-3/4″ tall; 8-7/8″ outside diameter at widest point; 8-1/2″ inside diameter

This lovely bowl is turned from the burl of a local spruce tree.  A burl is a fast-growing abnormal growth that is found on some trees, particularly spruce and birch.  While spruce is considered to be a soft wood, the burls are incredibly hard and dense.

Part of the fascination with burls is that they often have bark inclusions, which are areas in which the outer bark of the tree is visible.  This bowl has a small bark inclusion in the rim, adding color and contrast.

This bowl was finished with food-safe walnut oil.  It can be used for fruit, nuts, or for decorative purposes.  It makes a great apple bowl, but juicy peaches or strawberries probably ought to go in a ceramic or glass bowl.

Use and Care Instructions:  Do not immerse the bowl in water or put it in the dishwasher.  Clean with a damp cloth and dry promptly.

You can refresh the finish from time to time by applying walnut oil, which you can buy at the grocery store.  Wipe it on, let it soak in for a few minutes, then rub the bowl dry with a soft cloth.

And yes, we grew those apples!


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