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Kingwood Celtic Knot Salt and Pepper Shaker Set




This salt and pepper shaker set is turned from beautiful striped kingwood and contrasting maple.

The Celtic knot pattern is made with straight cuts on square stock.  The stock is cut at an angle.  Contrasting wood of precisely the same thickness as the saw kerf (the stock removed by the blade) is then glued between the cut pieces.

The stock is re-squared, and then the process is repeated three more times.  When turned, it creates the illusion of a never-ending knot.

The set is finished with a durable oil finish, waxed and buffed to a satin sheen.  The salt and pepper shakers fill from the top.

Dimensions:  4-1/2″ tall, 1-5/8″ wide at the base of shakers.

Use and Care Instructions:  Crafted to last a lifetime, the shakers can be wiped clean with a damp cloth and dried with a soft towel.


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