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Cherry and Maple Stave Bowl




If you appreciate the rich color of aged cherry, you will like this bowl.  (My wife says the snowman is not included!)

This stave bowl (turned from cherry and maple) was made in 2001, not long after I started experimenting with stave bowls. We have had it sitting on our fireplace mantel ever since.  Over the years, it has developed a beautiful, deep, rich cherry color that only comes with time.  I really like this bowl, but’s it’s time for a change on the mantel.

Unlike most stave bowls, the staves in this bowl were cut at different angles.  The thicker staves were cut with a 15-degree angle on each side and the thinner staves were cut with a 7.5-degree angle on each side. (16 x 15 = 240, 16 x 7.5 = 120, 240 +120 = 360)

This bowl is protected with numerous coats, probably 12 or more, of a durable polyurethane finish that I hand-sanded between coats to create a glossy sheen.

Dimensions:  5-3/4″ diameter at the top, 3-1/2″ wide at the base, 6-1/2″ wide at the center point.

Use and Care Instructions:  Dust and fingerprints can be removed with a soft cloth.  While the bowl is perfect for holding wrapped hard candies, nuts, or even an occasional snowman, it should not be used to hold moist or damp items.


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