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Hidden Corkscrew Wine Bottle Stopper -- Alaska Yellow Cedar #2

Local Alaska Wood!


This wine bottle stopper with a chrome finish contains a hidden surprise!  Separate the top and bottom halves to reveal a heavy-duty corkscrew.

The stopper is turned from Alaska Yellow Cedar, one of the few local woods suitable for turning.  The design in the top of the stopper was created with a tool called a decorating elf.  The top is adorned with a Swarovski crystal.

This low-profile stopper, which sits lower in the bottle neck than other styles of stoppers, has a series of graduated silicone gaskets for a secure seal.

Protected by multiple coats of durable Danish oil finish, then waxed and buffed to a satin sheen, this stopper will provide many years of useful service.

Use and Care Instructions:  Rinse off as needed and wipe dry with a soft towel.

Gift Idea:  Check out the reusable fabric gift bags that are the perfect size for a bottle of wine.  Pair them with a bottle stopper for a special occasion or as a gift to your host/hostess.

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