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Dizzy Shaker Set

New Item -- Makes a Great Gift


Woods Used:
Various Tropical Hardwoods
3-5/8″ tall, 2″ wide at base

This shaker set is known as “dizzy shakers” because of the pattern. Ted used many pieces of various tropical hardwoods, carefully measured, cut, aligned, and glued, to create turning stock for this set.

The top ring of the salt shaker is maple. The top ring of the pepper shaker is walnut.

The shakers are fashioned with plastic salt and pepper inserts topped with a chrome cap. The salt shaker cap has a single hole; the pepper shaker has four. The shakers refill from the top. Simply unscrew the cap to refill.

Each set is finished with multiple coats of durable gloss polyurethane, hand-sanded between coats.

Use and Care Instructions:  Wipe clean with a damp cloth and dry with a soft towel.


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