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Fiddleback Maple and Inlace Platter


This platter is a prime example of fiddleback maple, one of nature’s little mysteries.  Scientists still don’t know why some trees (or sections of trees) produce wavy or undulating grain like this.  Specimens this highly figured are very rare.  Optically, the striations are similar to the striations in certain gemstones like tiger-eye quartz and sapphires. Light rays striking the fine undulating grains cause an optical illusion that gives the lines a 3-D or moving effect known as chatoyancy.

The single piece of wood from which this platter was turned has exceptional figuring — as nice as I have ever seen.  It is unusual to find a piece of fiddleback maple this large that has figuring this tight and consistent.

The red and white inlayed material is called “Inlace.”  A groove is cut into the platter while it is still on the lathe.  Inlace, a two part epoxy-like material, is then poured into the groove and allowed to set.  The platter was then sanded and finished with many coats of a wipe-on polyurethane.

Dimensions:  12-1/4″ in diameter.  Platter on display stand is 13-1/2″ tall.

The accompanying stand allows the platter to be displayed upright.

Use and Care Instructions:  Dust and fingerprints can be removed with a soft cloth.  No other maintenance is required.  This platter should not be used to hold moist or damp items, nor immersed in water.

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