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Gravitron is a segmented bowl designed and turned by Ted. The name comes from a carnival ride that we recall from our childhood.

There is a lot of cutting and gluing involved in the creation of a segmented bowl. The careful sizing and placement of the various pieces produces the end-result design.

Gravitron is fashioned from cherry, walnut, and dyed veneer. The segmented rim and inner ring are made from walnut.

This bowl is hand-finished with a dozen or more coats gloss polyurethane finish, wet-sanded and allowed to dry between coats.

Dimensions: 12-3/4″ wide at the top. 4-5/8″ wide at base. 3-3/8″ tall from base to top of rim.

Use and care instructions: Dust and fingerprints can be removed with a soft cloth. Do not use this bowl to hold anything that retains moisture.

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