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Layered Stave Bowl With Lid




Each of the twelve staves that form this bowl is made from nine thin layers of black cherry and maple.  The bowl and lid together contain 159 pieces of wood and veneer.  The bowl is finished with multiple coats (about 12) of a durable gloss polyurethane, hand sanded between coats.  The top and bottom rings are made of alternating layers of cherry and maple with the grain running in perpendicular directions (like plywood) to eliminate expansion and contraction. The ebony knob is topped with a clear Swarovski crystal.

The most challenging things about making a vessel like this are keeping all of the stave layers equal and lined up when gluing the body together and then centering the turning exactly so that all of the layers on the twelve staves appear to match.

Dimensions:  8-3/8″ wide, 7-1/4″ tall.

Use and Care Instructions:  Dust and fingerprints can be removed with a soft cloth.  No other maintenance is required.


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