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Quilted Maple and Black Cherry Stave Bowl




This stave bowl was made from another truly awesome piece of quilted maple.  Quilted maple is highly prized by instrument makers, especially for electric guitars.  This bowl and lid contain around 50 individual pieces of wood.  The top knob is turned from an Alaska moose antler.  Bull moose (the largest members of the deer family) shed their antlers every year.

The bowl and lid are protected by many coats of a durable gloss polyurethane finish, wet sanded between coats.  In quilted maple the wood cells grow in an undulating manner.  As a result the wood cells reflect light at different angles which gives the surface of the wood an almost three-dimensional quality or depth (impossible to capture in a photo).  This is known as chatoyancy, a term that is also used to describe certain gemstones like opals and cat’s-eye.

Dimensions:  8-1/8″ wide, 6-1/4″ tall.

Use and care:  Dust and fingerprints can be removed with a soft cloth.  Please do not use this bowl to contain anything that retains moisture.


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