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Mortar and Pestle Set

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Do you enjoy making fresh pesto from your own home-grown basil? How about guacamole? This mortar and pestle adds a gourmet touch to food prep and looks nice on your countertop, too.

The bowl is turned from a blank of solid cherry.  As it ages, cherry develops a beautiful rich tone that enhances the figure and grain in the wood. The bowl is 5-3/4″ at its widest point and has a 4″ opening with a beaded rim.

The contrasting pestle is 6-1/4″ long and is turned from solid maple.

The mortar and pestle are protected with food-safe walnut oil. Walnut oil is readily available and easy to apply (just wipe it on, rub it in a bit, and let it dry) if you wish to refresh the finish from time to time.

Use and Care: A quick hand wash with mild detergent and drying with a soft cloth is all this set needs. As with all wooden items, keep the set out of the dishwasher and avoid soaking it in the sink.



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