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Bethlehem Olivewood Duraclick Pen

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This new style of pen is named Duraclick — and the name fits. Crafted from machined aluminum, the pen housing will never chip or crack. The click pen mechanism is a German-made all metal Schmidt assembly. The tactical designed knurling on the end and tip of the pen make it easy to grip. The heavy duty pen clip is fashioned from stainless steel.

The body of pen is turned from a solid piece of olivewood from the Holy Land and is protected with a durable CA (cyanoacrylate) finish. The pen is accompanied by a certificate authenticating the source of the wood.

This pen comes with a Parker ink refill and instructions inside the box. To replace the ink refill, unscrew the pointed writing tip. Remove the white plastic extension from the old refill. Attach it to the end of the new refill, replace the spring, and screw the writing tip back onto the pen.

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