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"Polar Ice Cap" -- Maple Stave Bowl




This lidded stave bowl is an excellent example of the wide range of color hues, patterns, and figuring inherent in one of our best-known North American hardwoods.  The bowl is turned entirely of maple.  The lid is figured hard maple, with a knob made from stabilized spalted hard maple and figured hard maple.  The body of the sphere is spalted western big leaf maple with contrasting strips of a light-colored maple veneer (probably soft maple).  The top and bottom rims of the bowl are also turned from western big leaf maple.

Spalted wood is wood that has been colored by a fungus attack.  Spalted wood is most commonly found in dead or dying trees but can also be found in trees that are stressed by environmental factors. Spalting is part of the decay process. Spalted wood that is still sound (not punky) is highly sought after by woodworkers for its beauty and uniqueness.  Some of the woods that spalt while remaining usable are maple, birch, beech, and hickory.  Spalting stops once the wood is dry.

The bowl and lid are protected by over 20 coats of a durable gloss polyurethane finish, wet sanded between coats to produce a glossy sheen.  The shiny finish makes it nearly impossible (for us) to get a photo without a reflection.

Dimensions:  8″ in diameter, 8-1/2″ overall height, and 3-1/2″ lid opening.

Use and Care Instructions:  Remove dust and fingerprints with a soft towel.  Please do not immerse the bowl in water or use it to hold anything that retains moisture.


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