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Set of Four Cherry Bowls

Special Pricing for Set of Four


This set of six-inch cherry bowls would make a wonderful gift.  Whether for a wedding, anniversary, birthday, housewarming, or “just because” these bowls will last for years and are surprisingly easy to maintain.

Each of the matching bowls was turned from a 6″ blank of beautifully figured cherry.  As it ages, cherry develops a beautiful rich tone that enhances the figure and grain in the wood.

The rim of each bowl has a detailed design created by the use of a tool known as a decorating elf.

The bowls are protected with food-safe walnut oil.  Walnut oil is readily available and easy to apply (just wipe it on, rub it in a bit, and let it dry) if you wish to refresh the finish from time to time.

Use and Care:  Hand wash with mild detergent and dry with a soft cloth.  Do not put in a dishwasher, and do not let them soak in the sink.

Special Set Price:  $175.00 for a set of four.  Individual bowls are sold for $50.00 each.


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