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Sputnik Sea Urchin Ornament #1




Woods Used:
Maple and Bloodwood
Shell Details:
Sputnik Sea Urchin Shell
5″ overall length; shell diameter 2″; bloodwood icicle finial length 2-1/2″

This unusual ornament is crafted from a Sputnik Sea Urchin shell, which features distinctive horn-like protrusions and intricate wavy patterns.

The top and bottom sections of the ornament are sized to fit the openings of each unique shell and hand-turned on a wood lathe.  The bottom icicle finial is turned from a beautiful piece of bloodwood.    The top and the icicle base are turned from maple.  The ornament is finished with multiple coats of a protective spray clear enamel, which adds strength to the shell.

The ornament will be shipped to you by USPS, Priority Mail Flat Rate, and insured.  The ornament will be double boxed, packed in its own storage box inside the Flat Rate box.  Although the ornament needs to be handled with care (don’t drop it on the floor or step on it!), it is surprisingly durable and will become a treasured addition to your Christmas tree.

Important Note About Shipping: Each item added to your cart adds an additional shipping fee, but we will refund the excess amount at the time we package up your order and determine what the exact shipping cost will be.  If you have questions about this, please get in touch with us, either through the contact form or by phone at 907-299-8359. We’ll be happy to work with you.



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