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"Supernova" Tapered Stave Bowl

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“Supernova” is a tapered stave bowl turned from cherry, figured maple, and dyed veneer with a wenge rim.

Tapered staves are made with a compound miter cut.  Both the sawblade and miter gauge are set at an angle for each side of the stave.  The sides of the bowl slope out at a 55-degree angle.  The top rim and the bottom were constructed separately and then glued to the staved portion before final turning.

The sunray effect in the center of the bowl was created by cutting a two-degree angled figured maple strip and inserting it into the middle of each of the 16 cherry staves.  The assembled cherry and figured maple staves were then cut with the sawblade set at a 6.4 degree angle and the miter at a 9.25 degree angle.  Thin strips of red dyed veneer were inserted between the staves.

This bowl is protected by multiple coats of durable Danish oil, waxed and buffed to a satin sheen.

Woods Used:  Cherry, Figured Maple, Dyed Veneer, and Wenge.

Dimensions:  12 inches in diameter, 3 inches across the base, and 4 inches tall.

Use and care:  Dust and fingerprints can be removed with a soft cloth.  Please do not use this bowl to hold anything that retains moisture.


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