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Sycamore Bowl with Red Coral Accents

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This open bowl is turned from a piece of sycamore. Ted created the accents by filling the naturally-occurring voids in the wood with a mixture of epoxy and granulated red coral. The textured pattern on the top edge of the rim was formed with a tool called a decorating elf.

We finished the bowl with multiple coats of food-safe Danish oil. Prolonged moisture is bad for any wooden item, including bowls. You can safely use this bowl for popcorn, chips, or as a fruit bowl.

Dimensions:  11″ wide, 4-3/4″ tall.

Use and Care Instructions:  Hand wash this bowl if you use it to hold food items. Dry promptly with a soft cloth. Do not put it in the dishwasher or let it come into prolonged contact with liquids or sources of high heat.

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