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"The Orb" -- Quilted Maple and Dyed Veneer Stave Bowl




This lidded stave bowl takes the form of a sphere.  The body of the bowl is turned from quilted maple and dyed veneer.  The bowl lid is turned from figured hard maple. The knob is turned from Macassar ebony and is embellished with a Swarovski crystal.

Stave bowls are constructed like a barrel, in that each of the staves that make up the main portion of the bowl are cut with precisely angled sides that fit together to form a cylinder.  This bowl contains 12 staves.

The bowl is protected by numerous coats of a durable polyurethane finish, hand-sanded between coats.

Dimensions:  7″ wide, 7″ tall without the knob, 7-3/4″ overall height, and 3-1/4″ lid opening.

Use and Care Instructions:  Dust and fingerprints can be removed with a soft cloth.  Do not use the bowl to contain anything that retains moisture.


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