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"Trillium" -- Three-Cornered Lidded Box




This unusual three-cornered box is turned from a cube-shaped piece of beautiful figured Western Big Leaf maple.  The lid, which is turned from a darker piece of maple, has a knob turned from Alaska moose antler.

We named this piece “Trillium” after the common northeastern wildflower Trillium grandiflorum (White Trillium).  The many species of trilliums exhibit three broad leaves and a showy single flower.

The box and lid are finished with multiple coats of durable Danish oil, waxed and buffed to a satin sheen.

Dimensions:  4-1/2″ tall, 6-1/4″ wide from corner to corner, and 3″ lid opening.

Use and Care Instructions:  Remove dust and fingerprints with a soft cloth.  Do not immerse the box in water nor use it to hold anything that retains moisture.




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