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Osage Orange Vegetable Peeler

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This premium vegetable peeler features a heavy-duty chrome-plated frame and a stainless steel cutting blade.  It would make a lovely gift and is a nice addition to any kitchen drawer.  The cutting head swivels to accommodate left-handed and right-handed users.

The handle is turned from a solid piece of osage orange wood.

The handle is finished with multiple coats of a durable polyurethane finish.  Ted spends a lot of time on his finish work, and as a result the handles of all Ted’s Woodshop utensils have a beautiful soft luster and smooth finish.

Overall Length: 7-1/4″.  Handle is 5″ in length.

Use and Care Instructions:  Do not put the peeler in the dishwasher or allow it to soak in a sink.  Hand wash. Wipe dry with a soft cloth.

Important Note About Shipping: Each item added to your cart adds an additional shipping fee, but we will refund the excess amount at the time we package up your order and determine what the exact shipping cost will be.  If you have questions about this, please get in touch with us, either through the contact form or by phone at 907-299-8359. We’ll be happy to work with you.


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