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Vineyard Gift Set #1

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Need a quick and easy handcrafted gift for friends?

You pick up their favorite bottle of wine or sparking cider, put it into a reusable fabric gift bag, and add a turned bottle stopper. If you’re not quite to the point of having in-person get-togethers and indoor meals, set it on their porch. Ring the doorbell, then wave from the driveway as they retrieve their surprise.

The wine bottle stopper is turned from ironwood, walnut, and maple and contains a surprise of its own. Separate the top and bottom halves to reveal a heavy-duty corkscrew. The stopper is protected by multiple coats of a durable polyurethane finish, hand-sanded between coats.

The fabric bag is reusable and re-giftable. Machine wash and dry, then touch up with an iron if needed.

We have other fabric gift bags available in a variety of fabrics and themes.

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