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Natural Edge Walnut Bowl

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This natural edge bowl is turned from walnut. The term “natural edge” refers to the tree bark that remains around the rim of the bowl, giving it a rustic look.

This piece of walnut was particularly colorful, exhibiting several shades ranging from medium to dark. The bowl is finished with multiple coats of Danish oil finish. While Danish oil is food-safe when completely dry, as this piece is, we recommend that if you are going to use it for food you use it for something like wrapped candies or apples. The bark edge is delicate.

Dimensions:  7-1/4″ wide by 7-1/4″ deep. 5″ tall.

Use and Care Instructions:  Dust and fingerprints can be wiped off with a soft damp towel. Dry carefully. Please take particular care with the bark natural edge.


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